Created to Cyberpunk Game jam with construct 2.

Cyberpunk Night Club is a management game with a little history, you have to play with the mouse, make your club evolve by buying equipment, to fight the enemies click on it with the mouse (left click). You can change the music through the menu in the game at the top left.

Graphic assets and development by Arludus.

Music by : 


-Wave Stop

Updated 3 days ago
Made withConstruct
Tags16-bit, 2D, chiptune, clicker, Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi


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The concept is interesting, but currently the gameplay isn't very engaging. Being able to knock out those maffia guys is a good way to mix up the gameplay, but they don't come by all that often. Perhaps you could add some more management controls.

Hi thanks for your post, I'm thinking about adding more gameplay, I started working on an improved version of the game, but I just have to find more time to take care of it :)

Un jeu très plaisant.

Merci :)


Great game, well done on your placing in the Game Jam. Hope to see more from you! I included your game in a video i made, i hope you don't mind!

No it's cool. Thanks you :)

The idea isn't bad. If you made a game like this where you'd get to place stuff inside a nightclub and get money to expand the club as you improve it.. and unlock stuff. Maybe you could set everything up and then make a day pass and see the results. You could have paid guards and extra guards. (Say 50$ to buy a bodyguard and 5$ per night, while a extra guard costs 15$ and only lasts for that day as added security). So, sometimes you have to buy more security if you think the mafia will hit your place. 

The idea is definetly good, and would make a fun game if you really went with it. 

Thank you, yes I will think about it, I must find time to improve it.

Love the chiptune sounding music!!, art style is nice too, would have liked a way to get the hype to 100% but still had a great time playing it.

Thank you :) yes unfortunately I did not have time to finish to get the hyper to 100%

Hey, nice game good art and nice sound

Thanks :)

Hehe cool. Is there any kind of win condition

Thanks you, yes once the club has enough success, someone will congratulate you, it is equivalent to victory.