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I’d like to suggest a fishing rod?

Hi, good idea, but it's difficult because the size is short to make beautifull fishing rod in pixel art, i still keep the idea if I have time to update the pack with new icons.

Hello! Do you will release more set or add more icons soon?

Hi, it's not planned, I did not think about it, but do you have any ideas or suggestions? I could possibly make a second pack or update this one.

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Hello, can I use it for commercial purposes? (Would be great if you could state the license more explicitly) Also, can I modify the images to make them slightly different if neccesary? Thanks.


Hello, it's only for use in your game, you have the right to sell your game but not resell the texture pack in a game resource store for example. Modify yes but also for your game :)


what is the licence? thanks

Hi, using for your game or other project, just don't resell the pack .