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I bought this pack. 

Good parts:

- splitted layers

- different sizes

Bad parts:

- sun is in the same layer as 'background'. I'd appreciate it being in a different layer

- file naming is not the best, but I can live with it

Hi, ty for your feedback, if it's important i send you the texture with sun in other layers, and i will probably update the pack with that.

Oh wow! Thanks for replying! I can wait a couple of days for an update, but if you get the chance, please send me those files. 

Thanks again for an awesome product!

i have update the pack with sun and moon in other layers, you can download it again and tell me if something is wrong, thanks.

wow. It works flawlessly. You are the bestest of best.

For everyone else: you should follow this creator's way of doing things. They listen to feedback and promptly release new versions!

You are awesome! I hope you eat lots of lasagna in your life.

thx :)